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EVETTE SUNSET (born 1948), is a freelance environmental sculptor from South Australia. She works mainly outdoors with natural fibres collected from the landscape to create site-responsive, large-scale installations. This often involves client or community collaboration and an educative component.


Her background is in ceramics, basketry, teaching Biodynamic gardening, energy efficient building, and landscape design consultancy for schools, hospitals and private residences.


Observing the characteristics and sensory aesthetics unique to a place, she adapts traditional weaving, rural building and craft skills, integrating on-site resources. The social and eco-narrative embedded in materials is an important focus for the exploration of relationships between our culturally evolved and industrialised landscapes, the inner world of the human being and the built environment.  Works are multi-form, richly textured and carry several layers of meaning. Sculpture is used as a portal of perception for both the maker and involved viewer.


Evette’s work is represented in the book “Ephemeral Sculpture, Art Feast 2012” - a photographic documentation of her four week residency on Kangaroo Island; the short documentary film “The Book Of Everything”; the Regional Arts book  “Heartworks” and “Textiles” by Mary Schoesser 2012.






2003    Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design (First Class Hons – Sculpture),

        University of SA


2002    Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design (Sculpture), Adelaide Centre for the           Arts.


1997    Post Graduate Diploma Secondary Education, University of Armidale.


1969    Bachelor of Arts, University of Adelaide.



2015      Sculptural landscape for Children- Portrush Forest (1 hectare nature play ) Trinity

 Primary School,SA.


Sculpture exhibition- The Rivers Way (local natural materials) Murray Bridge Regional Gallery.
2014      Sculpture Installation- Fellow Travellers (wood/wattle leaf 2.5 m H X 50m L), Hans Heysen’s
              The Cedars Sculpture Biennale. Winner Courier People’s Choice Award.
              Sculpture Trail for “The Long Lunch”- Return, Wet, Flow (wood/wires/netted rope), Milang SA
2013      Outdoor Installation- Ibis Passing (multiform wood and bound eucalypt 2m H X 20m L), SA
              Design/Project Manage- Lucy The Golden Dragon” (100m long sculptural playscape including murals) at Christie Downs Primary School SA
              Roving Street artist- “Prospect-us”, ephemeral artwork over 5 days, Prospect City Council, SA
2012      Sculpture Residency - four weeks for the Art Feast festival on Kangaroo Island SA- Sacred Dwelling Space, Swarm, Island Home, Sending on the Wind (four large on-site installations)
              Sculpture Installation- 2000 Stooks of Gratitude-The Cedars “Homage to Nature Exhibition” SA
              Woven stage backdrops- collaboration, Adelaide Festival Writers Week(fruit wood; eucalyptus.)
2011      Kangaroo Island Fine Arts Gallery – 30 days sculpture residency (visual diary and works)
              Arts and Landscape Master plan- Compass Farm Disability centre, Palmwoods QLD
2010      Adelaide Botanic Gardens “Floral Mandala” -indigenous plants 400m2)
              Waterfalls commission- Damsel fly and Dragon falls (copper/ slate/ steel water features)
              Children’s garden – mosaic “Monarch Butterfly Seat” (Malvern Adelaide)
2009      Lead artist/ design/ project manage- “Christie Walk Story Wall” (16m x 3m mixed media mosaic)
              Lead artist- “Floating Vessels” (indigenous celebration- 2m L woven boat floated on FMC pool)
              Site work- “Rubida Celebration” The Cedars Homage to Nature exhibition SA (bracken fern)
2008      Lead artist and Project Manager - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville Adelaide (interview/ consult and collaboratively design/ install 33 Oncology ward artworks)
2007      Environmental Arts Consultancy- Level 3 redevelopment Flinders Medical Centre
2006      “The Living Colour wheel”-400m2 public sculpture in the Parklands for Adelaide City Council
              Site work- “Heart Running On Empty”(30m text in wire and cordyline-) Palmer Palimfest,SA
              Sculpture Residency- “Diary of the Soul” three weeks in Gorlitz Cemetery, Germany
2005    Site Works  – “My Other Half” (4 m square - stone)-Greg John’s Palmer Sculpture Park SA    .          
              Artist in Residence – “Sky River” (36 x 2 m installation), at Pembroke School, Adelaide.
              Artist Residence – “Living in the Garden” (8 week installation series)Adelaide Botanic gardens
              Lead Artist – “Habitat” (3.6 x 5 m stainless steel and fabric dome) and Gallery M                
              Exhibition for the Marion Celebrates Festival (with 5 multicultural groups).
    Group Exhibition “Organic Botanic”- SALA –“The Link” (3 m H wire/cordyline sculpture)
2004-5    Lead Artist – “Curnow’s Arboreal Sculpture” (2½ thousand square metre living sculptural form using local indigenous plants to within 50 k of forest) for the Bundaleer Forest Weekend –Jamestown Community
              Sculpture Installation- “Place” for Adelaide Uni SA international conference (12 X 6m)
2004    Lead Artist – “Evolve” High Beam Festival (500 cubic metre ceiling installation), Queen’s Theatre, Adelaide (outcomes of workshopping with 11 disability groups).
              Lead Artist – “Garden Follies - Maestros and Apprentices” (room design, mobile installations and video), Adelaide Conference Centre, for the Helpmann Academy.
2003    Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide City Council Award – “Call of the Empire” (3 cubic metre installation – of bracken fern), Helpmann Academy.
    Feature Artist – “The Living Room” Exhibition at Arterial Gallery, Adelaide.
    Lead Artist – “Stone Horizon” (site work), “Bird of Light” (4 m woven aerial mandala)
    for Bundaleer Forest Weekend (collaboration with Jamestown Community).
        Rooftop Installation –“Walk Form” (8 x 12 m grapevine) Synagogue Place, SALA SA
2002      Outdoor Environmental Sculpture Studio – “Just Visiting” (12 x 4 m installation – instant
              Lawn) SALA Week Artists’ Walk at the Box Factory community garden
              Weed Site Works – “The Last Harvest” (2.5 x 10 x 8 m – dock stalks), Mount Barker.
              “Detour” Graduate Exhibition – “Vortex” (3.5 x 2 m) installation of hand fired terracotta.
               Bricks at The Stables, Adelaide SA.



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